Life changes

Taking time off

When you return to work from a leave, you may be able to purchase the time you were off – to add to your OMERS credited service and increase your pension. Your employer will provide you with your options and calculate the cost for you.

Making the decision

The decision to purchase a leave period is up to you. Weigh the cost of the purchase against how much it will increase your OMERS Plan pension. If you prefer, talk to a professional financial adviser. For an estimate of what your pension will be – with or without purchasing the leave period – please contact OMERS Member Experience.

Once you know the cost of buying the leave, you can use the myOMERS Retirement Income Estimator to see how buying the time you were off work will increase your pension.

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Are you off due to illness or disability?

You may be eligible for one of OMERS disability benefits.

Disability benefits